How do I pay for classes?

Classes can be paid in person on the 1st day of class. Cash and cheque are accepted. We are also accepting E-transfers. Please check our registration tab for more information. 


What should my child wear for class?


Our club provides the girls with a body suit and boys a t-shirt to wear whle they are registered with us. On the 1st day of class they will be measured and receive their suit that day. There have been times where we don't have your child's size so bring an extra body suit, leggings or shorts with a t-shirt to wear until one can be ordered. Boys can wear a pair of shorts. No board shorts, loose fitting clothes, or jewlery please. 

Are your classes insured?

Our club is registered with Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Each child will be registered under their insurance policy.


What are your term dates?


We currently run 2 sessions per year. A fall session which usually runs from September to December. Our winter session runs January to April. Dates change within those months depending on school hollidays and hall rentals.

Are your teachers qualified?


Our coaches are certified through Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Our coaches actively seek yearly training and workshops to keep up with the ever changing skills, training possibilities and diverse gymnastic options that are available to all us. 


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Depends on the session, class enrolement, and where we are at with group routines. Please call Manon to get the most accurate information.She always does her best to accomodate if possible.


Can parents watch?


Unfortunately due to the layout of our new gym, there is no opportunity for parents to watch their child during class. The Keephills Library will be open during class time and you are encouraged to check it out. We have a Tassimo coffee machine available for your use. Bring your own or help yourself to our drink collection. There is a donation jar if you would like to donate to pay for the coffee. 


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


We do not have a ratio number set. It is mostly class based and dependent on what is being taught, the level of the students, and the activity level of the group. Some groups work really well together and others need more help. Our coaches work together to make sure your child is getting what he/she needs to feel successful.